Classic Jeanne Robertson Bit About ‘Getting Back’ at Left Brain

Classic Jeanne Robertson Bit About ‘Getting Back’ at Left Brain

People have different ways of examining, analyzing and solving problems and situations. This is undoubtedly true for husbands and wives.

In a classic clip featuring humorist Jeanne Robertson, she delves into the ways people look at the world and how brains function differently. Specifically, she talks about her husband, whom she lovingly refers to as “LB” for the left brain. Also, Jeanne mentioned one instance in which she used her husband’s way of thinking against him!

Jeanne goes on to hilariously explain that those who are left-brained are analytical, like details and prefer staying in the box.

“And you know “the box” that we always talk about? Thinking out of the box?” she asks. “They’re happy in the box.” 

Jeanne pointed out how she likes to quickly put funny ideas and thoughts down on paper and then have someone read them over for possible inclusion in her shows. When her husband was that someone, things didn’t go according to plan.

“I ripped it out of the printer and went up to Left Brain’s office,” she said. “And said, ‘Left Brain, do you think this is funny?’”

After returning from getting coffee, she said she waited an additional 10 minutes outside the door to her husband’s now-closed office. There were no laughs to be heard. 

Jeanne then opened the door, went back in and demanded an answer to her question of whether her material was humorous or not.

“I haven’t read it for funny yet. I’m trying to get these commas corrected,” her husband responded.

Near the end of the laugh-out-loud clip, Jeanne mentions how she got back at him and ingeniously disrupted her husband’s golf outing with friends. 

“I know how long it takes them to drive out there,” she said. “And I knew what time they were gonna tee off and I just waited and watched my watch”

Jeanne waited for the exact moment.

“When he had pulled that golf club out of the bag, that’s when I had called him on his cell phone and just asked one simple little question that seems to bother left-brained people. I said, ‘Honey, where’s the hammer?’”

Her husband didn’t get the best score on that hole.

“They said he teed off and the ball went backwards,” Jeanne stated. 

Jeanne also mentions several other specific and hysterical instances, including one at church, that perfectly illustrates how she thinks and how her husband processes situations. 

“We go to early service at our church, and several weeks ago, leave and I just made the comment, being right-brained, ‘Wasn’t a big crowd in church today,”’ she said. “Left Brain said, ’47.’ “I said, ‘You don’t know that.”’

Romans 12:6 “Having gifts differing according to the grace that was given to us, if prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of our faith;”

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