Magician Wows The Judges With His Miraculous Audition

Magician Wows The Judges With His Miraculous Audition

Marc Spelmann is a magician who aims to help people experience real magic. But we know that it is really a miracle of God. Just watch as Marc auditions for Britain’s Got Talent with a few unique magic tricks.

He used a box of crayons, a Rubik's cube, a deck of animal cards, and a book. He had one judge select a crayon and that judge selected a red one. Then he asked the next judge pick an animal from the cards and she picked a penguin. The judge who had the Rubik’s cube did a random pattern.

Last, Marc asked Simon to take a marker and circle a word in a book. And that’s when Marc revealed the true magic of his tricks. His wife was diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant with their baby girl. They were so concerned about their baby surviving through chemotherapy, but they were given a miracle.

Their daughter, Isabella survived and all of the magic tricks he did for the judges were associated with his daughter. This incredible reveal had all the judges in awe of how he pulled this one off.

His performance was unbelievable. It was amazing that Marc Spelmann got the first golden buzzer of this year’s season. He definitely deserved this huge moment!