Little Girl Has The Best Reaction To Hearing Her Echo

Little Girl Has The Best Reaction To Hearing Her Echo

One little girl has the best reaction to hearing her echo, and it’ll brighten your day!

It is such a treat to witness young children experience things for the first time. Their sense of awe and joy over life’s simple things are a reminder to all of us to stop and appreciate the wonder of God’s creation. Adults have experienced so much that we don’t often think about things as mundane as an echo.

For children on the other hand, echoes can be fascinating.

The little girl in this video thinks so. She rests nestled in her daddy’s right arm. Both of them stand at a partial walkway and balcony that overlooks a racquetball court. Those empty and tight spaces are great for creating echoes.

The father in this video is Andy Brill. Out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he brought his daughter Nova to the court to introduce her to echoes. Her reaction is quite a delight.

With the camera rolling, the dad lets his daughter get a taste of what hearing an echo is like.

“Wooohh,” the girl says.

Her echo sounds throughout the court, receding in its volume until it disappears. She laughs instantly. Her eyes peer from the camera to the racquetball court, to behind her father.

She is likely wondering just where that sound is coming from. How in the world can she hear herself if she isn’t making noise?

Despite all her looking around there is no obvious source. Andy knew that, but Nova didn’t.

The dad makes his sound next, louder and stronger. “Woooh!”

His voice echoes.

Her eyes are open so wide as if to say, “Wow! So cool, Dad.”

She laughs after her dad makes the sound again. She starts to get the hang of what they’re doing and makes more noises.

Still she doesn’t know where the sound emanates from.

Eventually she moves on to using words. “Hi,” she repeats at different volumes.

This pretty child may definitely develop an interest in sound as she gets older. Time will tell. As for now, she can continue to amuse herself, her father, and the Internet with her adorable, “Woooh!”

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