10-Year-Old Twins Are Hilarious Comedy Pianists

10-Year-Old Twins Are Hilarious Comedy Pianists

10-year-old twins prove themselves to be hilarious comedy pianists!

Imagine pursuing your dreams of performing. You work hard to perfect your talent and then take the stage...with your brother!

Twin brothers Elias and Zion Phoenix both play piano, sing, dance, and rap and have been performing since they were 5 years old. And their love of playing together and getting a rise out of the crowd is very much apparent and most welcome.

The pair made an appearance on Little Big Shots just to enjoy performing. The show isn’t a competition and there is no grand prize, it’s just a stage for children to showcase their talent world wide. It’s the perfect stage for these brothers!

These two don’t just play the piano, they are hilarious comedians too. The pair are dressed alike and begin to play dramatically but there’s a twinkle in their eyes as they have fun with each other and the crowd. It’s a must watch to see these two not only play perfectly but in unison.

Not only are they known for their comedic performances, they are also known for their long hair. And there’s a reason for the fashion choice. The twins were born premature at 30 weeks and just under three pounds each.

Because they were so small they spent the first few months of their lives in the NICU. The nurses often had to shave their little heads to insert IVs. When they were finally released from the hospital, their mother promised to never cut their hair. The boys say they like it long and even reference Samson of the Bible, if they were to cut their hair they would lose their talent.

Thank God for these two precious and hilarious boys. They know how to put a smile on your face without even trying. Watch below for yourself, you be the judge.

Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” Psalm 126:2

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