3-Year-Old And Sheep Are The Best Of Friends

3-Year-Old And Sheep Are The Best Of Friends

A 3-year-old and a sheep are the best of friends, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

Hugo the sheep and Verity have been best friends since they met. The two were introduced when Verity was two years old, and Hugo was 2 months old. Some activities the toddler likes to do with her furry best friend are color, go for walks and even play dress up.

Animal best friends do have so many great perks, such as warm snuggles, and they can be good listeners as well!

Verity’s mother, Caroline, decided that the best option for her daughter was to have a pet sheep. “We wanted to get her her own pet, and I figured getting her a sheep so she had something to actually train, rather than a hamster where she just has to clean it out all the time,” Verity’s mom said.

Caroline thought this was the best option because it taught her daughter hard work and responsibility because she had to train her pet. “It was love at first sight, and he knew straight away that he was going to be hers. I thought they might go out for little walks around the field. But, I never thought that they would get to the friendship they got today.”

Caroline went on to explain how the friendship evolved from just little adventures outside, and then they became something more. “I think it’s great for children to be outside, to be out in the fresh air. I think that running around with her sheep going on adventures looking for mushrooms, looking for caterpillars,and butterflies has helped with her education of nature.”

It has also helped Verity keep up with her exercise as well, which is important to teach children, especially at such a young age. This is a lesson to young parents looking for ideas for pets for their children. When you give them such unique creatures, and leave them free to make such a connection with them, you’d be surprised what happens and the friendship that will blossom from it!

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