Jeanne Robertson's Funny Airplane Story Has A Surprise Ending

Jeanne Robertson's Funny Airplane Story Has A Surprise Ending

In this comical video, Jeanne Robertson shares a funny story about being on an airplane, and the surprise ending will have you laughing!

Jeanne starts off the story saying how a mother came onto the plane with a fidgety toddler. She saw them and had a feeling that they were going to sit next to her. Turns out, she was right. Jeanne goes on to say that the child kicked her in the face as the mother was getting settled into her seat. You see, since the child was young, the mother did not pay for a seat for her kid and intended to hold them in her lap the whole time.

Jeanne said she flashed the mother a beauty pageant smile and told her that if there were any empty seats on the plane, she would move so the mom could use her seat for her kid. As soon as the doors to the airplane closed, Jeanne was up from her seat and headed to the front of the plane to an empty seat that caught her eye. Boy, was she glad to not be sitting next to that rambunctious toddler anymore!

The seat that Jeanne found was next to an 86-year-old man, and she explained the situation to him with the mother and toddler. “I just don’t want someone crawling all over me during the trip,” she said to the elderly man.

In a hilarious response, the 86-year-old man says to her, “Well, I make no promises.” What a hoot! This surprise ending to Jeanne’s airplane story had the audience in stitches! What a great feeling shared laughter is!

We hope you enjoyed this funny video of Jeanne Robertson, and it was able to brighten your day. Ane make sure to check out more of her hilarious comedy here on GodTube!

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