Weatherman Gets Attacked By A Pelican And Can't Stop Laughing

Weatherman Gets Attacked By A Pelican And Can't Stop Laughing

You have to check out this hilarious video of a weatherman who can’t stop laughing after getting attacked by a pelican!

Australian weatherman Steve Jacobs was at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo doing a live taping. While he was sharing some of the sites and reporting on the weather, something surprising happened. All of a sudden, you can hear him screaming and laughing off camera! That’s when the camera shot of the weather map switches to Steve, and you can see him pinned against a wall by a pelican named Marnie. What a hilarious sight!

This pelican decided they were done being filmed, and they went straight for Steve's behind and just started pecking! Now that is something Steve probably never would have guessed would happen to him during a day on the job!

As the zookeeper tries to pull Marnie off of Steve, he’s laughing and says “I’m mentally scarred” between giggles. “Its beak can fit more than its belly can, I’ll tell you what,” he says.

The pelican keeps pecking away at Steve’s backside while he is in a fit of giggles. Thankfully, the attack from the bird did not hurt Steve at all, but definitely left him overwhelmed with laughter. And the event did make for a hilarious TV moment!

Steve’s hysterical laugh and humorous comments during the moment were what made it that much funnier. He was a great sport about this unexpected animal attack, and you just have to laugh along with this surprising live TV twist!

“One of the funniest things I've ever seen,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video.

“The funniest part was when the lady tried to drag it away and it tried to bite one more time,” writes another person online.

We hope that this video clip was able to bring you some laughter today!

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