'Jesus I Love You' - Soul Survivor Featuring Tom Smith

'Jesus I Love You' - Soul Survivor Featuring Tom Smith

You can’t help but be drawn in when Tom Smith, Christian musician and Soul Survivor worship pastor, sings the beautifully simple and pure song, ‘Jesus I Love You’.

Tom Smith is from England and is known for his Christian pop and EDM style of worship music. Yet the acoustic sound of the song “Jesus I Love You’, with just his voice and his guitar, stems away from that pop sound and rings out with so much truth and rawness.

“I felt a calling to lead worship from a young age,” Tom says, “but I wasn’t equipped and had no experience.” Tom trusted the Lord with his calling and was obedient. Because of that, he is now able to share his gift of worship with others and help them meet with Jesus through song.

‘Jesus I Love You’ is one of six other songs on the EP titled Everyday, where Smith says that the recorded songs “started out during times of worship when he and the team would sing out praises and prayers.”

When listening to the song, you can see how the lyrics of ‘Jesus I Love You’ can also be seen as a prayer.

“Oh Mighty Father
My great Redeemer
You are my strength
You are my song
You lead me on

I pour out my heart
I lay down my life
God, I give my all to You
You wiped all my sin,
And You welcomed me in
Now my soul will sing to You”

Such beautiful and powerful words! God is our mighty Father and great Redeemer. His grace surrounds us every day. He gives us the breath in our lungs. And we should use that same breath to praise Him with all of our heart!

Let the words of ‘Jesus I Love You’ surround you today. Let the melody keep ringing in your head. And let the lyrics be the prayer today that you sing out to our wonderful God.

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