Grandma Gets Surprise Visit From Her Granddaughter

Grandma Gets Surprise Visit From Her Granddaughter

This sweet grandma got the best surprise visit from her granddaughter after being apart for the past 2 years! And the emotions that are seen in this video will bring a huge smile to your face.

The granddaughter was talking to her grandma on FaceTime while planning to surprise both her grandparents for her grandfather’s birthday. After her grandma asks her how she is doing, the granddaughter explains that she needs to go find a bathroom.

“Is there a bathroom in here?” recites the granddaughter as she opens up her grandparents’ front door.

“Are you there?” says her grandma while the granddaughter is standing right beside her. “Give her some privacy,” says the grandpa, which made me chuckle as they both think that their granddaughter is trying to use a bathroom.

A few moments later, when she finally sees that her granddaughter is inside of her home, the grandma erupts into a squeal of joy! She cannot contain her excitement or disbelief. It is such a sweet sight to see!

While the grandma is hugging her surprise guest, the grandpa is sitting at the table with his mouth wide open in shock. He exaggerates his surprise by saying, “I had a heart attack. I just had a heart attack.”

Both of the grandparents are moved to tears at the sight of their granddaughter in their home. She couldn’t have pulled off a better surprise for them!

As she is wishing her grandpa a happy birthday, he explains that she is the best birthday present that he has ever had.

“Oh no, she’s everybody’s present,” explain the grandmother. “Nothing will ever top this.”

What a wonderful and emotional reunion this family had! Praise God for the loved ones in our lives and may every reunion we have be just as sweet as this one!

Grandma Gets Best Surprise Visit!

SURPRISE! This grandma got the best surprise visit from her granddaughter– It had been 2 years since they last saw each other! 😭💗

Posted by LightWorkers on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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