'Remember To Remember' Steven Curtis Chapman Live Performance

'Remember To Remember' Steven Curtis Chapman Live Performance

Grammy award-winning Christian artist, Steven Curtis Chapman, performs a live rendition of his song ‘Remember To Remember’ at Gaither Studios.

This song truly reminds us all to take time to pause and reflect on God's amazing love and work.

“Remember the way He led you up to the top of the highest mountain
Remember the way He carried you through the deepest dark
Remember His promises for every step on the road ahead
Look where you've been and where you're going
And remember to remember
Remember, remember”

When writing this song, Steven was inspired by the Old Testament. God repeatedly told His people to retell His stories and pass them down from generation to generation. The idea of remembering really stuck out to Steven. He wrote to CCM Magazine saying, “As important as it is for us to remember God’s faithfulness for every step of the journey so far, it’s just as important, and maybe even more so sometimes, that we remember into the future…remembering God’s promises for the journey ahead.”

With God by our side, we can reach new heights and share His message with the world. These lyrics are so fitting for the current world that we live in. Remember God's love for each ane very one of us and He will always see you through.

After he released the single, Steven Curtis Chapman had special words to say. “I hope it will encourage and inspire you to look back on all of the ways God has shown His goodness, faithfulness, and kindness to you.”