Man Reunites With His Mother After 10 Years Apart

Man Reunites With His Mother After 10 Years Apart

It was a heartwarming moment captured on camera when this man reunites with his mother and little brother after a decade apart.

It has been ten years since Jeffrey has seen his own mom, Madeline. Madeline lives in Libreville, Gabon, which is about a 23-hour plane ride away from her son. Even though the two keep in touch through phone calls and video chats, they still longed to see each other in person again.

Due to issues with securing a visa, money and the distance, it was a struggle to arrange a visit. But, when Jeffrey and his girlfriend, Shannon, welcomed their son earlier in the year, they knew it was necessary to Madeline to meet her first grandchild. That’s when Axel, Jeffrey’s little brother, helped arrange the visa and looped Shannon in on the big idea.

They hoped to surprise Jeffrey with an incredible reunion a decade in the making. When the unsuspecting man first enters the room, he sees Axel. Axel lives in South Florida, so it’s been over four years since these two have seen each other. Jeffrey is overcome with shock, but that’s nothing compared to the emotion when he turns the corner and sees his mom standing in the doorway. He collapses to the floor and the two share a teary-eyed embrace.

No matter the time or distance, there is nothing that can get in the way of the love between a mother and her son. This was such a sweet moment all captured on video for this family to cherish for a lifetime.

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