Police Officer Aids A Young Girl...With Homework

10 year old Lena was struggling with her math homework and no one was available to help her. So she did what all resourceful 10 year olds would do...she went to her local police Facebook page for help! Believe it or not, an officer was happy to give his assistance. Although his answers were a little hit or miss, she sure did appreciate the help. Now that's service!
Source: USA Today

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A Prayer to Choose Jesus - Your Daily Prayer - July 24

Open your home to Jesus. Invite him in and prepare to give him your best, but don’t leave him sitting alone. Take the time to sit at His feet and listen as He fills you with the necessary Words of Truth you need to live this life. Then make that choice over and over again. May we all choose what is right, better, and the good portion each and every day.

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