'By the Cross' Acoustic Performance From Red Rocks Worship

'By the Cross' Acoustic Performance From Red Rocks Worship

In a beautiful acoustic performance, Red Rocks Worship made a video of them singing their song ‘By the Cross.’

“All my heart I lay before Thee
To sound the depths of love divine
So free, so infinite, Your glory
That I am Yours and You are mine

By the cross of Jesus Christ
Every sin was bought at the highest price
And every fear was lost, every sin erased
When Jesus took the cross, He took my place”

In this intimate worship session, a small group is gathered around the musicians. They are all praising the name of our Heavenly Father, and the sound that they are making together is so beautiful. The violin playing in the background also adds an incredible depth and a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere.

The song ‘By the Cross’ almost feels like a modern hymn in the way that it sounds. It has such an awesome melody that is filled with the Gospel truth.

The bridge of the song stands out a lot as the group sings it multiple times at the end of this video. It is a powerful moment, hearing everyone singing out those words.

“Then sings my soul, then cries my heart
'Til Kingdom come, 'til Heavens part
'Til He returns or calls me home
I'll praise the name of Christ alone”

Jake Espy, the writer of ‘By the Cross’, shares about how he doesn’t even feel like the original creator of the song. “I wrote this song in 15 minutes, maybe,” he says. “And that’s kind of uncharacteristic of me because I tend to really agonize over lyrics, and it takes me awhile to really get things perfect in the way that I want them….this sounds strange but I don’t view myself as the writer of the song almost, because it came so quickly that the only way I could describe it is that the song just came from God.”

Thankfully, Jake put the God-given song to paper, shared it with Red Rocks Worship, and now we can all worship our Lord with the words from ‘By the Cross.’

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