'God's Not Through With You Yet' 2 Sisters Sing Worship Song

'God's Not Through With You Yet' 2 Sisters Sing Worship Song

2 country cuties come together for a beautiful performance of ‘God’s Not Through With You Yet.’ The Detty Sisters love to lead others in worship and this classic gospel song is the perfect way to give praise to His Name.

“Trust in God He will see you through
Don't give up don't give in, until the end”

The Detty Sisters are made up of four sweet sisters with a heart for the Lord. Today, we hear from Peyton and Cadie, the oldest of the sisters. These two have been singing in church for years and, now, they are reaching an entirely new audience with their music videos.

Just listen as this adorable duo reminds us all that God is by our side each step of the way.

“God is not done with you yet
Just look up and don't forget
He's always by your side
There's no need for you to hide
God wanna see you through
Trust Him He is always true
Proved Himself over and over again
God is not through with you yet”

On their video, the sisters wrote, “There are many people out there that feel like giving up, we hope this song will encourage you today!” And that is exactly what is happening. The lyrics of ‘God’s Not Through With You Yet’ remind us that God has a plan for every single person on Earth.

When we put our trust in Him, there is truly nothing that can stand in our way. Can I get an amen?

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