Israel War, 6th Seal, 3 Days of Darkness, Rapture and Nuke Attack on USA - John Baptist

Brother John Baptist from Tribulation Now started with Rabbi Amram Vaknin prophecy. Rabbi Vaknin led a prayer service at the Cave of Elijah the Prophet in Haifa, Israel on June 9, 2015. The rabbi received a message for the Jewish people from Elijah the Prophet that there is a decree from Heaven that war will be starting in the south of Israel, will move to the north of Israel and will continue inside of Israel. Thousands of people will die. Brother John continue introduce a vision from sister Lisa which was previous episode. Brother John continue to talk about the prophecy which includes Israel war, invasion from North Korea to South Korea, the day of the Lord, rapture and great tribulation. USA will get nuclear attacks after the rapture. This is the time to prepare for coming messiah. Time is short.

Please watch sister Lisa's vision in this video,

The time line of rapture and preparation,

Rapture preparation,

To see testimonies of heaven and hell,

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