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Conflict-Resolution Tips for Parents and Children, Orlando Christian Counseling

Positive Conflict Resolution - Are you Sick of Sorry? Do you feel that when your child serves a consequence that the relationship is still not repaired and you still do not trust your child or spouse? Well this program fixes that problem by allowing your student to repair the relationship with whomever they hurt or offended!

What is an Apology: I apologize I was wrong and will try never to do it again. Will you Forgive me?
What is the Benefits of Forgiveness: Research says a forgiving victim lives 8 years longer than one who holds on to forgiveness.

How Can I Make It Up to You:
Apologies are empty and still leave the victim feeling they can not trust the person as much as they did before the person hurt them.

So learn on this DVD or Download ways to quickly "Make it Up" to the person so they will trust you more than before they were hurt.
If I did something mean I can do something nice for the victim.
If I said something mean I can say 4 nice character or compliment their personality or talents.
This same program is also a Bullying Program where the bully "makes it up" to the victim by carrying the victims backpack for the day or getting their trash at lunch.

Read More About the Author & Child/Adolescent Expert Jim West, MA, LMHC at http://stresslessseries.com/about/

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