Netanyahu in U.S. to reveal evidence that Iran has means to make a nuclear weapon (Second Coming Watch Update #407)

1. According to The Times of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when he meets Barack Obama on Monday, will present the US president with an intelligence report asserting that Iran has amassed enough enriched uranium to produce a nuclear weapon.

2. According to the Guardian, hundreds of people have been stung in China's Shaanxi province by swarms of giant insects believed to have multiplied over the warm summer. Twenty-eight people have died and hundreds have been injured in a wave of attacks by giant hornets in central China.

3. According to The Jerusalem Post, the Palestinian Authority said it won't allow an intifada against Israel in the West Bank.

4. According to The Times of Israel, three Israel Air Force jets were scrambled on Saturday to intercept unidentified aerial objects amid suspicion these were unmanned drones that penetrated Israeli airspace.

5. According to the Jerusalem Post, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel landed in an open area of the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council overnight on Friday.

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