DrawDown Series10

My very first video series is entitled DrawDown To The Second Coming Of Christ. The purpose is to make known or to remind viewers of the events that will lead up to Christ's second coming. My series starts before Christ and gives Biblical facts and my personal comments bringing the viewers all the down to the present. I believe, my series also gives hope and encourages ALL of us to be ready to go to Heaven with Jesus when He comes again. For those of you who love reading Bible Scripture, my series is loaded with scripture to back up what I am saying in the series. I also talk about the current Middle East peace process headed up by the Bush Administration. My series also covers lots of stats. on today's signs of the Second Coming of Christ, as well as some current news reports as to what is happening in the Middle East as it relates to my series topic. I talk about the "New Earth" that the Bible says God is going to create, where there will be TOTAL PEACE. That is a day and time we can REJOICE forever more.

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