For Women Only

For Women Only

Acts 16:1-40
Acts 16:13-15

Lydia, Paul and Silas
. Nothing wrong in taking to other women.
. Lydia sold purple. Business woman.

When women have to pick up the slack, they feel like they are missing out. Some men try to make women look the way they want them to look and not as God intended. God has a role and calling for a woman's life. Parents need to watch what their children are watching on TV, it is influencing them to be different from what God has for them. The greatest gift a woman has is her virginity. Women have something called mother's wit. If you want to find out about a man, you have to speak to your dad, brother and not rely exclusively on the views of your girlfriend(s).

Many are called but few are chosen. We are not heading the call of God. When God has opened your heart it will be with you always. Whether it is an external call or an internal call you should always obey the voice of God. When you give your life over to the Lord, the people that were using you will be the one's hurt and not you. Don't feel down on yourself because you don't have a man on your arm. God looks out and he loves you.

God made men and women different. He made a woman a woman and a man a man. Everything that God has made is GOOD. He didn't make any junk... Women have to understand who they are. Men have more red blood cells than women. Men have more brute strength than a woman. You are going to be what God made you.

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