Lance Coffman had a talk with God in right field. He had just got out of a slump of hitting from his last few games.Then in this game he was 0-3. He had also made a couple of errors in the game, one was a pop-up that he didn't catch and another throwing error to second.

This game was not going well at all for him. With as many mistakes that he had made in the game he was, for the lack of a better word "upset" with himself. Knowing how the season had started off for him he was down on himself so he decided to have a talk in right field after striking out on his last at bat.

As he ran out to right field he started to think about what his talk was going to be about. Then once he had it he prayed to God. "God I don't know if u want me playing baseball or not. Right now it don't look like you want me playing baseball. But i tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going up to that plate for the rest of the season swinging hard and you can be with me or against me either way I'm going to love u the same Lord."

With that being said the game was tied up 6-6 in the bottom of the 7 and one out. The pitcher had already thrown two strikes to him so the count was 0-2. The next pitch was hit over the left field fence for a walk off home run to win the game.

After he had ran around the bases he spoke to God again. " God now I'm just confused on what you have planned for me in my career for baseball but I'm going to keep on following you no matter what."