He Can't Even Rescue Himself!

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This musical version of the Passion of Christ
was written and revised from about 1974 through
1976 by John Steffensen, leader of the Ten-Sing
choir Sanctus, from Åsane, Bergen, Norway
The musical was first performed in autumn 1975
for an audience of about 300 about and later
for about 5000 at a KFUM gathering in Skien.
Since then it has been performed fairly
regularly in different parts of the country by
different groups. The English translation,
however, has to our knowledge only been
performed once: by Leikanger Ten-Sing on a tour
to Germany in 1984
This sequence ends at the turning point of the
musical: the Messiah dies on the cross, having
become a curse for us, so we might be bought
back from death through him. On one of the
images I have written at the top (in Hebrew)
the name Jesu (hebrew: the cursed one) and at
the base Deuteronomy 21:23 "because a person
who has been hanged has been cursed by God".
Later the name changes to the correct name of
the Messiah: Jehoshua (which means "God is
Saviour" cf. Matthew 1,22). The Hebrew at the
bottom reads the curse pronounced in the Torah
by becoming cursed on our behalf; for the
Tanakh says, Everyone who hangs from a stake
comes under a curse. (Galatians 3,13)
The song at the end of this particular sequence
is: "if you make his soul". There is not
supposed to be a break between the songs in the
musical, and particularly not this one.

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