Taking a Leap of Faith in Jesus for Your Breakthrough!

Taking a Leap of Faith in Jesus for Your Breakthrough!

Before you’ll experience breakthrough, you must step out of the boat on faith. I’m sure you’ve had it happen where you didn’t take that leap of faith and then you later wonder what would have happened if you had.

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It’s very important that we take that step of faith. The way to do that is simply to believe that God is good enough. We have to make a decision to keep our eyes on and our faith in Jesus and not on the problem we face. This will help us to step out of the boat when everyone else is going the opposite way.

There isn’t really a way to make risk easy but it does get easier as you spend more time with God and your trust level goes up. So, in essence if you want to build your faith in God, it’s all about relationship.

Faith, hope, and risk go hand in hand as hope will lead to faith and true faith contains an action that can be very risky.

So, step out there on faith and believe that God can do anything and will back you up!

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