Happy Pharrell Williams, Minister Stevie Tee, (Church Remix)

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After it being announced last week that the "HAPPY" song went 4 x's platinum, the song comes with a twist
Minister Stevie Tee and his God Squad mixtape label comes with a interview video of how and why he made the remix which is called the Church Remix.. Not because ther's a choir in it or something but because this minister seems angry about something in it. He went off on some of his enemies right after Pharrell's verse ended. Seems like the enemies were right there as he said they........we'll just read the verse belowand you'll get the point!!


"Happy - Church Remix"
Verse 2 - By Minister Stevie Tee - Published By: CSE Major Holdings Muzik / ASCAP

Disrespect to my enemies
Because I'm Happy Now

I didn't fall out of faith - Grace kept me now
You say that I'm a theif - How you figure now

I took back what the devil stole - and maybe that's how
Ya'll should be ashamed claiming Christian

Talking behind my back but claiming that we're friends
Get your house in order for your soul sake

Stay fake, Get lost......Flight 370.

Label: CitySide Records,CitySide Music Ministries

Well after reading the lyrics it's clear that someone has beef and we ain't talking the Wendy's beef that the old women on Dave Thomas Wendy's commercials because we can see and hear this beef loud and clear.

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