'That's What Angels Do' - A Touching Tribute Song to Moms

'That's What Angels Do' - A Touching Tribute Song to Moms

Listen to this touching song called ‘That’s What Angels Do’ by Laura Bell Bundy.

“He drove away, I couldn't move, first bitter taste of what love can do
Sat on that porch alone and cried, it hurt so bad, I could've died
Then Mama came and wrapped her arms around me
Told me God has someone better for me, dried my tears, and she just held me
That's what angels do, that's what love is for, points you to a window
When you can't find a door, when you're all out of faith, and it's more than you can take
You're not strong enough, you need someone to pull you through, that's what angels do”

In the first scene of this music video, a father leaves a house and his daughter is crying in the front lawn. Then her mother comes out of the house and embraces her as she cries into her shoulder. And as Laura Bell Bundy performs the first chorus, tears come to her eyes as she sings the lyrics.

Later in the music video, there are scenes of different ‘angels’ around the city: one young man taking care of his elderly grandmother, a firefighter, an employee at a children’s hospital, a mom coming home from a deployment to hug her little girl. It is very heartwarming to watch!

"This song really speaks very personal to me, in every aspect - lyrically, in the concept of the song,” shared Laura Bell Bundy. "These sort of angels in your life kind of pop up in people, and I love that idea because I think that's so true. I think that every day you have the opportunity to meet God through people, and that's why I like the song."

Although Laura Bell Bundy did not write this song, she shared why she related to it so much.

"There's an interesting spin on the way I look at the song lyrically," Bundy explained. "In the first verse, 'He drove away / I couldn't move / First bitter taste of what love can do / And Mom comes over ..." Most people would sit there and go, 'Well, that's your first boyfriend.' But when I was listening to the song, the immediate image I got in my head was when my dad left. I was 14 and I ran out to say, 'Don't go,' and my Mom came out to get me. It immediately took me back to this place. It was impossible for me not to go there, emotionally."

She continued: "So the second verse, if it wasn't already hitting me over the head, it goes, 'Big city streets / Bright city lights / Some days the dream's not worth the fight.' I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?' How many times had I walked down New York City streets exhausted, having to do another show, or going to another big city, or being away from your family, or just longing for the simplicity of it, and then what gets you through is a phone call from your father."

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this song today, and God bless all of the angels out there who shine God’s light and love wherever they go!

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