About Gina's Blessings

My sister Gina Lynn Brown and I were born to our loving parents on October 28th 1959 in Jacksonville FL. They did not suspect they were going to be blessed with 2 bundles of joy instead of just one until our arrival. I made my entrance at 3 lbs 7 oz and Gina followed 5 minutes later at 3 lbs 8 oz. In 1959 when babies were so small the survival rate wasn’t that high. We beat the odds and grew into happy, healthy children. We both attended elementary, middle and high school together and went on to be college roommates at St. Johns River Community College.

After graduation, we both married, and I became the mother of two sons and Gina was blessed with a son and daughter. Each of us had a love of education and became teachers. I chose elementary education and Gina worked with high school students. We were also blessed to be named Teacher of the Year at different points in our careers. As you can see, our lives have paralleled each other in many ways yet God created each of us with unique and individual qualities as only He can.

Gina and her family eventually settled in Keystone Heights, Florida where she taught until just weeks before she took her journey home. To say that teaching was her passion is an understatement. She taught over 20 years and loved every second of it. She always said that apart from her family, her students were the love of her life. For some, she was their Mom, for others she was their friend and mentor.

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