Phil Wickham - Cannons (with images/lyrics)

This is Phil Wickham's magnificent song "Cannons". I heard it in church this morning for the first time, and the imagery was amazing for me, so I knew I had to put together a video for it. When we witness the wonders of God's creation we are reminded of Him, and we are called to worship Him. And when we look at the universe, we are humbled, and realize how small and unworthy we are, but God gives us salvation if we believe.

If you're wondering why the song is called "Cannons", let Phil tell you:

Behind the Song:
"This song was written outside under the stars one night. I remember looking up and thinking how the stars themselves were acting as worship leaders. How every time I take the time to look up and imagine the size of the hand that placed them there it blows me away. So right then I thought of the metaphor of how the universe is exploding with the evidence of God's existence and the fingerprints of His glory like a bunch of gigantic Cannons shooting off in the sky. This song was one that was specifically written for the corporate worship setting. It's my hope that people will sing this song along with me." - Phil Wickham

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