Escaping Satan's Abuses

Welcome to Part Two of Apostle Erics September 19th, 2008 live radio message. As God transitions the church back to the covenant of Jesus Christ Christians are being released from Satan�s grip. Whats on your mind? Have you noticed how much personal attention is given to Satan and his abuses? How to overcome approval addiction, how to overcome personality disorders, how to break the chains of the past?<br />

<br />
Everyone wants a changed life and everyone wants insight, but it does not come through rehashing Satans abuses and creating formulas for addressing them by fitting the Bible to that circumstance or mindset. . . These kinds of teachings produce a false Christian psychology, false faith, false hope, and false confidence . . .Did you know that there is a difference between Personal Growth and Divine Regeneration? The former follows the rhythm of the flesh and the latter follows the rhythm of the Spirit. . .Everyone has been abused by Satan; of that there is no doubt. But he is not the record of our faith. Jesus is the record of our faith. It is time to stop preaching the abuse and start preaching Christ and His covenant. He is the only bridge back to God.

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