Couple speak of Miracle received in Church Service/Ashcraft

In front of the church there is a sign that says, “Truth Tabernacle; ‘If you pray I will hear.’“ God” According to different folks from the Church it is as if God has sent that message to Truth Tabernacle personally. They prayed and God has heard their prayers.

One family tells us of miraculous healings that have taken place in their bodies. In a revival service over six months prior Evangelist Gary Ashcraft had spoken to the wife. Without anyway of knowing these conditions existed except by divine knowledge, Evangelist Ashcraft told the wife God was healing her high blood pressure problem and her heart. He also spoke to her husband and told him God was healing the torn cartilage in his left shoulder.

Six months later the pain is gone from the shoulder and there is easy, pain free movement. The doctor has just given a report of her heart being one hundred percent whole. She had been having pain from some damage to her neck and God had also healed that.

She speaks of her thankfulness for God’s healing power and wants her testimony to be a seed of faith for others. She says to others, “You don’t have to stay in the condition you are in, God can heal you.” They had prayed and God had heard their prayer.

God not only hears prayer to heal shoulders and hearts, He also hears prayers to heal broken lives and shattered dreams. God not only hears the prayers of those folks who attend Truth Tabernacle He will also hear the prayers of each and every individual who cries out to Him. Our God is a prayer answering God. He is a God who takes the hopeless and fills them with hope. He picks up the helpless and extends a helping hand. He brushes off those who life has ran over and empowers them to continue on. He hears our prayers when we pray. In fact He promised, “If my people,

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