Part 5 - Who was John Allegro? (Interview with Abraxas)

John Marco Allegro was a member of the international team of scholars working to discifer the Dead Sea Scrolls. What did Allegro discover in the those scrolls that ruined his career when he dared write a book about it?


Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis #31-- Being John Allegro-vich
Shamanism & drug use in Judaism, early Christianity & Gnosticism.

--Special Guests-- Jan Irvin & Andrew Rutajit, authors of 'Astrotheology & Shamanism in Christianity and Other Religions'.

Topics discussed:

--The reality that Judaism and Christianity, like most religions, were fertility, solar cults who utilized entheogens in a widespread manner. It just wasn't the priest who partook of the 'funny herbs', mon.
--Clues in the Bible, Gnostic texts and the Judeo/Christian tradition that point to the positive usage of entheogens and hallucinogens.
--How the war on drugs (which is also the war on the Goddess) began hundreds of years before Christ with a changing Jewish Priesthood, fanned out into the Christian worldview centuries later, and continues today with the same nefarious intentions.
--The spiritual and scientific effects of using certain entheogens such as mushroom, natural LSD and cannabis.
--Evidence of entheogens also in Hinduism and Buddhism.
--Redeeming John Allegro and his controversial discoveries of The Dead Sea Scrolls. (Jesus is a Mushroom...whadda ya gonna do?)

And much more!

Gnostics have always been accused of being 'out there'. But 'out there' often means an inward journey into the wellspring of gnosis.

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