4-Year-Old Boy is Awestruck Visiting Santa's House in the North Pole

4-Year-Old Boy is Awestruck Visiting Santa's House in the North Pole

Observe the innocence of childhood on full display as this handsome 4-year-old boy is awestruck when visiting Santa’s House in the North Pole! 

This is one thrilling trip—not your standard roped-off, mall Santa with long lines and squalling babes! Located in Natick Mall in Natick, Massachusetts, Santa’s Elevator Express carries excited families northward to Santa’s place, and it is one exhilarating adventure!

Watch here as Logan, spiffed up for his visit, is charged to “push the button.” He does, and the journey begins! He places his pint-sized paw on the side wall’s gold railing, and his other hand near his mouth. He’s a little anxious about this whole thing.

As they start the ascent, golden gears and floating sparkles fill the view on three sides of their cozy box. Dad holds little sister, who is wearing a white, fur-trimmed blue cape and apparently has been freed from her stroller, and Mom catches the excitement on video. Logan says something that sounds like, “Whoa, what just happened?” Hold on tight, buddy; there’s more to come!

At 30 seconds, the view changes from mechanical to magical as they are now above a whole lotta snow-covered houses, trees, and bodies of water below. And, by 40 seconds, they are surrounded by clouds. But, more than that, there are toys flying about outside their windows! Rocking horses, toy drums, teddy bears, and blocks dance around in midair. It is delightful!

Little sis, holding a binky in her mouth, and Dad point at things outside the glass, but Logan  hangs back a bit. By 50 seconds, colored streams of light circle a Frosty face that grows ever closer. Logan does as well. By 1:0 minute, Santa’s lane and house is in view. This is really happening!

When the elevator finally stops, they have arrived at Santa’s red door. Logan is a little unsure, but he trusts Mom and Dad when they tell him to ring the bell. He gives it a push and steps back several feet to the security of Dad. Soon, the hefty door is opened, Logan is welcomed in, and  Santa sits on a very high-backed green sofa. He’s got room for several little ones to sit with him!

No doubt, Logan and his sweet sister had a fantastic visit with Santa! We sure hope so. Little ones will face disappointment and pain soon enough. Here’s to making the magic of childhood last as long as possible!       

“And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

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