March 2012 Israel Trip Fundraiser - Attorney Pidgeon (Candidate for WA State Attorney General) explains WA State Initiative 1192 and its need to reinforce the state DOMA - Attorney Pidgeon reveals that WA State DOMA statutes are recitations of God's scripture - Attorney Pidgeon relates the imposition of the Islamic practice of dhimitude upon US citizens - Pastor Hadian (Candidate for Governor of WA State)
shares his testimony of flight from Islamic Iran to America, becoming a Christian and then a pastor running for office of Governor of WA State - Dr. Hansen and Pastor Hadian discuss the three choices of peace for infidels under Islam - Shahram states that he is under an Islamic death penalty as an apostate - Pastor Hadian speaks of the need for Godly leaders to be elected to office to clean out corruption - Attorney Pidgeon relates his reason for running for office; the time to fight for liberty and freedom is now.

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