Jan Willem van der Hoeven in Jerusalem, Israel - March 2012 - Part 2

http://www.worldministries.org - Jan Willem shares how the Lord led him to open the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem - Jan Willem tells how Jerusalem is the center of the Lord touching the earth - Jan Willem relates how Assad, President of
Syria, tortures his own people and asserts how much worse he would treat Israel - Jan Willem states how the Lord says that you cannot love Him if you hate the Jews - Dr. Hansen shares our responsibility as Christians to back the people of Israel and protect
God's land - Dr. Hansen exhorts the Church to contact their political representatives to support Israel or vote them out of office - Jan Willem describes how Temple Mount is the most important real estate on earth and the need for the new temple to be built
for Christ's return - Dr. Hansen challenges the Church to repent from compromising and back the nation of Israel - Photos of: Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright Cornel West; Obama's forged long form birth certificate

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