Pick Up The Sword

This is a video based on the Ephesians 6:10-18, putting on the whole armour of God. The scripture tell how to resist sin. We usually fall to the devil’s temptations because we don’t resist. The sword it speaks of is the key. We know the truth, we believe in God, we know the gospel story, we have faith in Jesus, and we are saved. Problem is, we don’t read the Bible. The sword/Bible can be and is an aggressive weapon. It can be used to defend, but is meant to fight off the temptations the devil throws at us. Just reading it every day helps a person to resist. Jesus was more aggressive in his resistance. I haven’t been able to memorize vast amounts of scripture as Jesus did, but just reading it keeps me closer to the will of God.
The first part of the film deals with temptations by the seven deadly sins. Each of the characters represents one deadly sin. I guess each person must deal with them in his own way, so these spoke with my voice and tempted me the way they do to me.

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