Hilarious Police Recruitment Video Goes Viral

Office Big B, representing the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department, may have a future in comedy after his hilarious police recruitment video goes viral. It’s an advertisement worthy of a 2-minute commercial spot for The Super Bowl!

While this ad was written for men and women who are wild about wheels, respecters of rhyme may also feel inclined to join Officer Big B on the job. Energetic and friendly, he’s ready to persuade potential law enforcement officers to step in, step up, or step onto one of a variety of modes of transportation, which are the vehicles used to entice officer candidates to join the Fort Worth force! 

Officer Big B sports a cowboy hat, a tan, a big voice, and a Texas-sized personality as he shouts and walks his way through a parade of motors and mounts, explaining the varied patrol options the department has to offer. The screen flashes bold, colorful messages, and the Fort Worth Police Department badge is displayed in the picture’s bottom corners, but it’s Officer Big B that gets the most attention!

As he points out the Explorer, Tahoe, and F-150 Responder, uniformed officers mimic manikins, smiling and almost perfectly still. The cars have bright balloons bouncing from their side mirrors. Office Big B invites those who don’t have “squat” to come be part of their “swat” team, and he slaps the side of the gigantic armored car, which is manned by three strong, silent types. Check out the soldier on the left for a little switcheroo! 

For those who want horsepower, Officer Big B has that as well. He makes a lasso gesture, and a neigh is heard in the background as he points out Fort Worth’s trusty steeds. Officer Big B doesn’t miss a beat; hopefully, his detective skills are as sharp!  

Continuing down the line, we see motorcycles for any who would rather “hopper” on a “chopper” and a bicycle for enviro-friendly folk. Lastly, Big B reminds viewers that Fort Worth welcomes applicants not new to law enforcement, calling those interested individuals “trade-ins.” The whole video is hysterical!

The commercial points to an unusual element of the job by making the transportation tool a key selling point. And the writing is super clever. But, the ad also does a great job of demonstrating that law enforcement officers are likable and approachable. While the job that Big B and other officers do each day is extremely serious, it’s nice to see Fort Worth’s finest have a little fun!      

“May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you.” Psalms 25:21


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