Synchronized Dance Has Judges on Their Feet

Synchronized Dance Has Judges on Their Feet

Simon called it perfection, and the rest of the judges were floored. Watch this incredible synchronized dance that has judges on their feet. In the history of America’s Got Talent, there has never been a group of dancers this incredible. When the Malevo hit the stage, they took it by storm with their energy, their talent, and their rhythmic routine with drums, fancy footwork, and ropes. 

Malevo is an all men’s ensemble from Argentina. They brought passion, intense footwork, and jaw-dropping moves with ropes. Dressed in black, the group of men was still and silent on the stage before exploding into action. 

The audience roared with approval as the group danced in sync–not just with each other but also in rhythm with the music. Mavelo stunned the audience and the judges when they whipped out ropes to use in their choreography. 

At one point, one man performed with the rope in his mouth and still managed to keep in sync with the rest of the dance crew. I’d like to know how they managed to swing the ropes in time to the music and not hit each other or themselves with it! 

If that wasn’t impressive, they put the ropes down to pick up the drums! The group continued to stun the judge and the audience right up until the end of their performance–leading to a standing ovation. Judge Heidi couldn’t wait to congratulate the dance group, “It is so intense. It is so everything, 

I can feel how much you want to bring home that prize,” she said. Howie added, “You are a memorable group. You brought more energy, you brought more live music. You are the act to have your own room in Vegas.” Simon agreed with his co-hosts and stand the group was perfect. 

I would definitely pay to watch this group in person. I hope they do get their own show. It would definitely be a memorable performance! Thank God for music and dancing. It truly helps us to express ourselves!

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