Grandparents Celebrate Tiny Surprise Visitor

Grandparents Celebrate Tiny Surprise Visitor

Being a grandparent is so much fun and they will soak up every moment they get to spend with their grandchildren. In this cute video, grandparents celebrate a tiny surprise visitor left on their doorstep. Being a parent is deliriously exhausting. Sometimes we need a break and there’s no one better than grandma and grandpa to babysit. That’s what the parents of this cute little boy thought when they decided to surprise his grandparents with a visit. 

The mother gently sets her son in a seat, so he can sit upright. She then rings the doorbell with a smile and races off to hide and capture the cute moment when grandpa and grandma open the door. We don’t have to wait too long before the door opens and the magical moment happens!

Joyfully surprised, Grandpa grins before he addresses his little visitor and says, “Hi! Would you like to come in?” Then he jokes, “I guess they (his parents) are tired of him,” as he looks for his kids. But then Grandma comes to investigate when Grandpa remarks, “I guess they left him,” to which Grandma cheers, “Yay,” as she claps and jumps up and down in celebration of what appears to be her favorite visitor. This is one of the cutest ways to surprise grandparents for a visit! 

Being a grandparent is the best. Gone are the nights of getting zero sleep with a fussy baby. Gone are the diaper changes, round-the-clock feedings, and mountains of laundry. Instead, grandparents to get focus on the best part: playtime, snuggles, long naps, and sharing the joys of life like ice cream, cookies, and fun! As a mom who has one adult child–I for one cannot wait to become a grandma. 

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children,” Proverbs 17:6

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