Adorable Child's Priceless Reaction To First Bite Of Pizza

Adorable Child's Priceless Reaction To First Bite Of Pizza

An adorable child had an absolutely priceless and hilarious reaction to her first bite of pizza.

Everyone has likes, dislikes and tastes. Preferences differ wildly regarding things like movies, television shows and even clothing. However, this differentiation of likes and dislikes is most apparent when it comes to food. 

Tastebuds can vary significantly between individuals. Some people enjoy bitter food products, but some find them revolting and choose to stay away from them. Some might be drawn to and earnestly seek out sour taste, while others may avoid sour food like the plague. 

However, no matter your likes or dislikes regarding food, there is one universally loved dish: pizza. Seriously, who doesn’t like pizza? Not only is it delicious, but it’s so versatile. You can put anything on a pizza (Yes, even pineapple. It does go on pizza!), and the odds are pretty good that it will still taste better than most things you’ll ever put in your mouth.

A short but hilarious clip on social media captures the moment an adorable little girl discovers this delectable item we all know and love. Her hysterical reaction to enjoying her first bite of pizza is likely to be the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

In the video, Dad enjoys a slice of pizza as his daughter sits at the table right before him. She is clearly intrigued and wants a bite. He offers up the slice of tasty pizza to his daughter. With her mouth open, she leans over slightly, takes the pizza into her mouth and takes a bite. 

Once the piece is in her mouth, she looks at her father, and her eyes light up at the magical taste she is experiencing for the first time. Moments later, she kicks her legs wildly, wanting to enjoy another bite as quickly as possible.

We entirely understand, little girl. We are all right there with you!

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not be turned away from it.”

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