9-Year-Old With Big Voice Turns All The Judges With ‘I Have Nothing’

9-Year-Old With Big Voice Turns All The Judges With ‘I Have Nothing’

A young woman won over the studio audience and the judges with her big voice and musical talent.

Children, like everyone else, have been uniquely blessed with talents, skills and abilities. While they may be young and inexperienced, they can still blow people away with their abilities. That’s what one young child did when she took the stage on a popular television program.

In a clip posted to YouTube, 9-year-old Daniella stepped onto the stage on a popular German television program – The Voice Kids. It’s clear from one look at her that Daniella is nervous. What person wouldn’t be in her position? Regardless, Daniella appears to be confident in her abilities as she has elected to cover Whitney Houston’s hit “I Have Nothing.” The music begins and off she goes!

Mere seconds into her performance, the judges are already impressed with the young lady’s singing voice. They all exchange smiles with one another. A few even remark, “Wow!”

As the song reaches the chorus, two judges have already turned their chairs for the young woman. It’s also clear from this point that the nerves that were apparent early in her performance have since melted away. 

Daniella’s confidence changes over the course of seconds. She goes from being nervous to someone having a ton of fun, reveling in the judges’ and studio audience’s reactions. 

By the song’s conclusion, all four judges have turned their chairs for young Daniella! She has a tough decision to make. 

While all the judges would like Daniella to choose them as her coach, the judges let her decide. There isn’t a ton of pleading or begging, unlike from the judges on America’s version of The Voice. Instead, most of the judges’ comments praise the young woman’s performance, according to a YouTube English translation.

In the end, Daniella selects the lone female judge as her coach – Lena.

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord.”

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