Johnny the Baptist

Johnny the Baptist I personally want to thank you for visiting my website. This site began years ago after I suffered a stroke and was told by my doctor that my ministry was over. Through that trial God birthed Johnny The Baptist Ministries in my heart. This site has three purposes: 1) To point people to Christ. 2) To be a tool to Born Again Bible believers everywhere thru fundamental audio/video preaching. 3) To expose those who are fleecing the flock and misrepresenting my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have been traveling and preaching for forty blessed years and during that time I have been exposed to some of the best old time revival meetings one could every pray to be in. The churches and preachers of today are nothing like they were forty years ago. Let's hear a big AMEN there! So after all these years I continue to drive all over this great country in order to go forward in the battle for truth and right at any cost, even if it cost me my own life. I can honestly proclaim the lyrics of the old song, "I don't regret a mile that I have traveled for the LORD." So my prayer is that you will come back to visit my website and drop me a line to let me know what you think. Also, I thank my friends who have kept this ministry alive through their prayers and sacrificial gifts. Again, I must say thank you for sticking by me all of these years. Sincerely, Johnny The Baptist B.A.D.F.

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