Maybe you are thinking about divorce. Maybe divorce proceedings are even underway. Your heart maybe has been ripped to shreds by your mate. You feel betrayed; you feel so injured; you feel SO misunderstood; and to be honest, you simply have HAD IT with your spouse. It is time to move ON, right?! Well - if that is what God is CLEARLY telling you to do, then YES. But what have you done about seeking Gods will about allowing Him to do a MIRACLE remaking of your marriage? God is STILL in the business of doing MIRACLES, I hope you have not forgotten. I want to be honest with you here on something. Had Judy discarded Paul, this testimony would never have been filmed. Had Paul discared Judy - likewise. Yet because BOTH yieled to God for reasons that make NO human sense ... their testimony and their lives are touching the lives of OTHERS around the world - of course for the glory of God.

Lets get seriously honest. Anyone can exit a troubled relationship with their spouse. When we are in enough pain, running seems to be the ONLY answer, right? Finding someone else to love and love you back can be the easiest thing in the world for many with a bit of persistence.

But what IF it is the desire of Gods heart that you do NOT hand your marriage over to Satan? What IF God would like to have the two of YOU be willing to let God do what He needs to do to restore YOUR marriage, to where YOU have a testimony to share of Gods miraculous power to restore IMPOSSIBLE marriages to give other couples hope for THEIR troubled marriage?

Think it MIGHT make a difference when you one day stand before God and give an account of why you REFUSED to fight the devil for your marriage, rather than just hand it to him with no fight? If you are thinking your marriage is PAST God being able to put back together and making more meaningful then ever before, please take the time to watch this entire testimony. We encourage you to do your very BEST to

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