Baby Ressurection - Tecate Mexico Missions Team

Baby Ressurection - Tecate Mexico Missions Team

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry - May 2008

One team of BSSM students left a day ahead of others for their mission trip to Mexico. Near Los Angeles, they saw a car wreck on the side of the road, so they pulled over and got out. They saw a young woman holding a baby and a pool of blood on the ground under the baby. What came to Rosario's mind was, "You shall live and not die. And I passed by and saw you in your blood, and I say to you, little baby, live! Live! Live! Have life!" Rosario declared this in English, Spanish and all the languages she knew. The compassion of God and a spirit of intercession overwhelmed her. Several were praying. The highway patrol was there along with two nurses and two paramedics. Nine-month-old Alberto had been rejected from the car. Rosario held his four-year-old brother. Then she had a vision of Jesus standing by the tomb and calling Lazarus to come forth. She saw that it was a spiritual battle. She got the boy and said to the mom, You have to accept Jesus in your heart now. She led the weeping mother into a prayer. Rosario said, You have the legal right now to petition for the life of your child. She had her put her hand on the baby and repeat, Jesus, I petition for the life of my child, now. Rosario saw the baby move and heard sounds. This is the third person Rosario has seen raised from the dead. Her declaration is Jesus is alive, and He wants to raise people from the dead!

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