YAKIMA--First Baptist Church of Yakima celebrates 100 years at the corner of Yakima Avenue and Sixth Street this year. The church has been around for 118 years, but they have been in the current location since 1908. The congregation celebrated with a special service on Sunday , and looked at pictures from First Baptist's past. One member thinks the church has survived by getting involved The community Yakima;This church has been a witness to the community; Bonnie Stoutenberg said;Even though there have been changes in the area and in the types of people that live here, the members of this church have reached out to everyone and anyone.150 people attended the service and a potluck lunch Sunday. First Baptist has started Spanish-language services to try to connect with more people in Yakima, and they also have a youth group that does community service in the area.special thanks to NBC(23~Yakima) reporter NICK PARADISE for taking time out of his busy day to cover the event. May God bless him for his efforts.

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