I'll see you through the fire

Hello! This is a video I made to the song, "Through the fire" by Day of Fire! It's a great song about how God will see us through the fires, storms and battles of our lives. He is there the whole time even though we may not always feel Him or believe He is there but regardless of our own thoughts and feelings, God is always with us, unless we choose to leave Him. In fact, as a christian, the storms in life that we face is never a surprise to God. He knows everything that we going to go through and for every trail, storm and battle we face, we can be sure that it is there for a reason! To grow us in Christ, to strengthen us in Christ, to show us His glory when He rescues us and a way to show the lost God's glory, a testimony for us to have when we need to reach an unbeliever, a way of testing our faith to see if we really stand on God's solid rock, to help us with recieving patience, to draw us closer to God and to draw us to Him if we have started to stumble or walk away from Him. Only God knows why we go through what we go through. Just remember that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose! God bless and I hope this video and song may touch someone's heart!

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