The Fruitful Soul

In Part 3 of BIRTHING DREAMS OR CHRISTS FRUITS Apostle JoAnne details how to walk in the Spirit by the Record and Witness of Christ to have a FRUITFUL SOUL. This teaching reveals exactly what royal priests are to lay upon the invisible Altar in their serivce to God and identifies the connection of this holy activity to the divine power to experience the divine nature of Christ that the Apostle Peter spoke. If you are a Christian who wants is tired of the rehashed messages of ...making your dreams and destiny come true... if you want to get off THE JOURNEY of exploitation and learn how to experience the daily reality of Christ manifesting Himself to you then you will be truly enriched by this teaching. Learn how to make YOUR SOUL A GARDEN OF SPIRITUAL FRUIT for the Fathers delight. Amen. NOTE FROM APOSTLE JOANNE..thank you for listening to thsi 3 part series on BIRTHING DREAMS OR CHRISTS FRUIT. I pray that you are beginning to see the deceptive cloak of Satans Seat in the Church and the need for the apostles to return the Church to back to the original blueprint pattern for faith. I extend an invitation to ALL, whether you are currently using these false gospels as a Christian Leader or you are under these gospels as a believer. We will open our doors to you and assist you to overcome these vain things by giving you THE WHOLE BLUEPRINT of the New Covenant priesthood. We will love you, nurture you, mentor you and steward this holy knowledge to you and raise you up to the fullness of the stature of Christ. And we will not charge you anything. Everything is FREE. We hope to hear from you soon. To enroll in the Apostles School, visit our web sites.

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