Sermon: "A Sanctuary for Moab," Part 2

A lot of things can happen during the night. Within one night, the major cities of a nation can be devastated, with refugees running for their lives to the boarders, hoping to find sanctuary from further attacks. Having lost their safehaven, the next day they wander in the heat of the day and under the glaring light of the sun, looking for refuge and safety again. Watch as Pastor MacLaren tells the story of Moab, a near neighbor to Israel during the days of Isaiah the prophet. Isaiah warned of the coming desolation, and advised them to find sanctuary in "the ruler of the land." See how he pointed them and us as well to Jesus Christ for sanctuary from the coming destruction. This sermon was preached at First Presbyterian Church in Perkasie, Pa on August 9, 2009. To learn more about the church, visit our website at

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