Fundraising - CNNfn Interview

Does your Church need a new source of continuous, reliable funding?

Many different kinds of businesses in the Dallas area (and nation-wide) are having difficulties meeting their entry-level staffing needs, and with the lack of progress toward resolving immigration issues, the need to solve staffing shortages will become more pressing over time. But there is a remarkable staffing solution which also generates enormous amounts of money for non-profits.

For the past 30 years, big business has reaped the amazing benefits of employing Volunteer Workforces. They've enjoyed access to a constant stream of ready, upbeat workers even in tight labor markets. This startlingly wide, deep, dependable and otherwise unavailable labor pool -- composed primarily of all-American, freshly-scrubbed, well-behaved workers -- has provided big business with a tax-free, benefits-free, and h!

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