Noah's Ark - Cool Animation of Classic Bible Story!

High in the mountains of Ararat, a lost explorer stumbles upon the final resting place of Noah's Ark. He takes shelter in the magnificent ruin of the ancient ship, then departs the next morning.

Take a journey back through time to an age of miracles and wonder. Enjoy a retelling of one of the most famous stories from the Bible, the story of Noah's Ark.

In a time of great evil, the wickedness of men threatened to consume the earth. Only Noah had found grace in God's eyes, so God decided to send a great flood and save only Noah and his family. Noah was told by God to build an enormous vessel, an ark, to save his family, as well as pairs of every animal, so that someday life could once again flourish on the earth.

The story of Noah's Ark isn't about destruction; it's about hope and the promise of a new beginning for all who believe.

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