Pilgrim's Progress - AWESOME 3D ANIMATION!

This is a trailer for the Pilgrim's Progress DVD. Get the full 1 hour 3d animated film from HopeAnimation.com!

"The Pilgrim's Progress" follows the journey of a young man named Christian on his way to the Celestial City. The story of "The Pilgrim's Progress" is an allegory and a visualization of the journey that a Christian makes in his or her lifetime.

Fearing that his city will soon be destroyed by fire, young Christian sets out to follow the path that he has read about in his Bible. Along the way, he encounters many friends, as well as many enemies. Join Christian as he struggles through the Swamp of Despond, climbs the Hill of Difficulty, does battle with Apollyon, suffers at the Vanity Fair, and escapes the Castle of Doubt.

Enjoy a retelling of one of the greatest stories ever written, featuring lush computer animated environments and starring a cast of unforgettable characters!

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