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Does God Exist? - Finding a Good God in an Evil World

William Dembski's New Book "The End Of Christianity - Finding a Good God in an Evil World" Is available at Amazon here:

Excerpt here: Finding a Good God in an Evil World - William Dembski

Thermodynamic Argument Against Evolution - Thomas Kindell - Part 1 of 3

Theodicy Without God?

What Ive never understood about theodicy is this: why do atheists ponder the Problem of Evil?

Little do most atheists realize that the existence of evil itself necessitates the existence of Good. i.e. you cannot disprove God by pointing to evil. All a atheist does when he points to evil in this world is to point out the fact that this world is not perfectly good, Yet Christianity never claimed we were in heaven in the first place. i.e. by pointing to evil (the absence of good), the atheist actually affirms the Christian belief that we are in a fallen world.

disclaimer on video; Though it is debated whether Einstein ever had this discussion with his teacher, the principle being discussed in the video is none-the-less true.

Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis

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