Tribulation and Persecution

What does it mean to be a saint of the Lord? Countless centuries tells of innocent bloodshed and rejection in a world that not only distances itself from the Lord and His Commandments (Exodus 20), but also with respect to His chosen people. Persecution came to Christ, the perfect, Holy and righteous One. Thus, being a servant will be no different for the saints. But rewards are destined to come for those who persevere and continue to put geniune faith and trust in Christ the King for salvation. The greatest and darkest tribulations known to man will soon unravel like a scroll for all to see... along with its great deceptions. A false system of worship and false Christ's will also be constructed by Satan to deceive many... but these are a prelude before the Coming of the Lord above the clouds with His angelic Host. As faithful brothers and sisters, we are to look forward to these wondrous times, beyond the flesh; through faith, perseverance, love and hope. For the end and the Coming of the Lord is near.

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